Who are we ?

Created in 2011 by Soraya Thomas, the company Morphose is a contemporary dance company between street and theater. The question behind the artistic approach is: how to make the common spectacular? His choreographic work is based on the center and the succession. Duality, poetry, humanity, animality, the pieces of Soraya Thomas talks about life, others with others and leads us in a rock and delicate spiral.
Morphose means taking a form or giving shape, always evolving which echoes and makes sense in Soraya Thomas’ dance and live performance practice.

“What touches me in the practice of contemporary dance is the use of the body as a tool of transmission, offbeat sense, duality and ambiguity. The body, the seat of our emotions, can transform itself, make itself ugly, make itself beautiful, make itself hard, make himself sweet… he can make visible the invisible of our states of souls. Matter body is a matter in motion with time, nothing freezes, everything shifts and recalculates to find this unstable equilibrium.”

Soraya Thomas

Crédits photo : Emilie Delarue

Soraya Thomas’

Soraya Thomas was trained at the Conservatory of Annecy directed at the time by Jean-Marc Boitière.
In 2000, she obtained her State Diploma in Dance Education and then joined the Coline Company, a professional integration unit for young contemporary dancers. She meets Jean-Claude Galotta, Michel Kéléménis, Myriam Burns …
In 2002, she arrived in Reunion Island where she met Eric Languet with whom she collaborates for ten years.
In 2007, she choreographed and directed her first choreographic piece with «I did not mean to …?» She joined VIRUS EYE, accompanied by Dj Hybreed, where she still declines a new musical and visual universe this time by interpreting a manga doll and texts of her own creation on a quirky electro sound.
In 2012, she choreographed «ECOUTES», collaborates with Yann Lheureux and performed «Somewhere, out there, life was screaming» by Eric Languet. With K.I.S (Kub in street), created in 2013, she explored intimacy in the form of a solo in the urban space.
In 2015, Soraya Thomas choreographed «It looks like …» for the Young Ballet of Reunion, «Parkours» a solo ambulatory for the urban space and «Barry is not completely white» works for 3 dancers. This last one performed in 2015 in partnership with the Bambous Theater anchors a little more its particular universe.
Soraya Thomas signs her latest creation HEADRUSH on addictions, released in 2017, and confirms her physical and political commitment in her choreographic work.