The butterflies’ uprising

Inspired by the great annual migration of monarch butterflies that migrate and travel each year thousands of kilometers driven by the reproductive instinct, Soraya Thomas and her dancers explore the concept of departure, crossing, survival and the unknown . Embarking on human migration, the Butterfly Revolt puts the body at the center of a circular device adapted to urban spaces. The 4 performers will reveal their individualities within the collective. Thus, the tension of the bodies but also the tension between the individuals in a constrained space is the heart of this creation. The notion of unison is approached, not in its uniformity but in the flow that it can generate. The physical resistance of the dancers is also put to the test of time with a duration of 45′-50’ in street. This choreographic piece is subtle and committed.

Texte © Leu Tempo 2019 – Photo © Emilie Delarue
Choreographer : Soraya Thomas
Dancers : Maeva Curco-Llovera, Amélie Pialot, Sarah Dunaud, Claudio Rabemananjara
Conception scénographique : Soraya Thomas / Frédéric Dussoulier / Thierry TH Desseaux
Scenographic Design : Frédéric Dussoulier
Musical creation : Thierry TH Desseaux / Frédéric Dussoulier
Costumes : Isabelle Gastellier Targeted audience : all audience
Duration : 50’